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Produced/manufactured by Steadywin, this BLDC servo motor looks to have a good reduction ratio that may fit within our needs.


GIM4310-36 on aliexpress

Details Unit GIM4310-36
Nominal Voltage V 24
Voltage Range V 12~36
Power W 12
Nominal Torque N.M 6
Stall Torque N.M 18
Nominal Speed after Reduce RPM 28
Max Speed after Reduce RPM 85
Nominal Current A 3
Stall Current A 12
Phase to Phase Resistance Ω 0.971
Phase to Phase Inductance mH 0.328
Speed Constant rpm/v 2.5
Torque Constant N.M/A 1.5
Rotor Inertia gcm^2 7.83
Number of Pole Pairs Pairs 14
Gear Rate / 36:1
Gear Type / Planetary
Reducer Gear Material / STEEL
Reducer Gear Backlash arc/min <6
Motor Weight without Driver g 300
Motor Weight with Driver g 310
Size without Driver mm Ø55*40
Size with Driver mm Ø55*47
Max Axial Load N 300
Max Radial Load N 500
Noise dB <60
Motor Protection Grade / IP54
Working Temperature -20~+80

Tinymovr config


Make sure to set the motor type to gimbal (1) At the resistance and inductance values properly when setting up a new motor. As it can potentially fry the motor while calibrating.

The actual phase to phase resistance I measured was 2.3Ω on my purchased motor.

Measure each motor before setting the value on the tinyMovr board.

image image image