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First steps

Many projects of mine fail due to not breaking things down or confirming assumptions.

There are other reasons as well

Here is a list of things I should do first:

Things that I'll probably waste time on:

  • Designing my own actuators



Prototype movement

Don't even use motors, maybe belts or pulleys. Should be very basic. Should be to see how it feels for a weighted backpack to move around in the desired ways.

  • How does it feel when there is a large amount of overhang?
  • How much movement is needed to position the backpack in useful locations?
  • Is it easy to grab and detach?
  • If sensors and cameras are placed in different positions, do they have good views over the shoulder and and around the user's arms?
  • Does having a curved rail help prevent collisions with the user's back?
  • Does a straight rail work as well?
  • Do motions that keep the CG closer to the rotational axis help?
  • When walking are there any motions that aid in walking?
  • Can rotating the backpack make the user fall over? At what rates and overhangs?